Dear dartfriends!

There is an important change at the BULL'S German Open 2017.

Because of a new fire protection concept – to be respected from the official side - the old venue the “Sporthalle Harpener Heide”, is not longer suitable. It is not longer allowed to have more than 600 visitors at the same time inside the building. As we all know that we’re a crowd of more than 1000 people – thanks for that since years – it was necessary to find an alternative venue. Unfortunately we got that information first in the mid of march, so not only the size of the hall additionally the short termed situation forced us to take what we could get. The city of Bochum helped us a lot and we’re going to make the best out of it. We are going to welcome you at the Castroper Strasse in a correspondingly festive tent.

The new adress is

Festplatz Castroper Straße, Max-Greve-Straße 34, 44791 Bochum.

It is only the venue that changed everything else will be as you are accustomed to. So its more a mobile hall with fixed walls and a stable ground with more than 2000 square metre than a festive tent.

To give everyone the chance to register for this event we extend the closing date by 27.03.2017.

The 29th edition of the BULL’S German Open will take place from 7th-9th April 2017.

Just like in the past year there will be single-competitions on Sunday, the BULL’S Darts Masters.

The prize money will be a guaranteed 20.500 EUR.

Closing date for all competitions is 24.03.2017 (except additional tournaments on Saturday and Sunday).

The complete event is an "OPEN" tournament, therefore players don't have to be a member in a club or an organisation or have to qualify. Only a small amount of people are not allowed to participate, such as PDC-Tour-Card-Owners or participants at the PDC-Worldchampionship!

Please also note the Rules + Information"!

The program for the events will be the following:

Friday 07.04.17: Warm-up Pairs Tournament

Saturday 08.04.17: BULL’S German Open (WDF/BDO/DDV)

- Mens Singles (WDF "M"/BDO "A"/Finder Darts Masters)

- Ladies Singles (WDF "1"/BDO "B"/Finder Darts Masters)

- Boys Singles (WDF/DDV)

- Girls Singles (WDF/DDV)

- Additional Tournament: Doubles/ Pairs

Sunday 09.04.17: BULL’S Darts Masters (WDF/BDO/DDV)

- Mens Singles (WDF "M"/BDO "B")

- Ladies Singles (WDF "1"/BDO "B")

- Additional Tournament: Mixed Singles

The entryfee for the single events seniors this year is €20 for each event, in return we have increased the gamemode. So from the first round we will play 501 best of 7 and not best of 5 anymore.
In addition we have an increase in pricemoney for the Men's Singles on Saturday due to the higher BDO category.

Even though we have changes in the schedule, we will be endeavoured to stick to the timings for the finals like the past years, so that the finals on Saturday should be finished by 10pm and the Sunday final by 7pm.

In the past, year by year almost all top-players from Europe found their way to the Ruhrarea to fight for the title – to the delight of the many hobbyplayers who love the close contact to their idols.
Shoulder by shoulder with the stars, no VIP-area, no bodyguards, no barriers.
Time for pictures, autographs or short discussions. This is what makes this event special.

We’ll see you all at the 29. BULL’S German Open and the BULL’S Darts Masters in Bochum and wish every participant good luck and fun!